Legal Notices

This page is for all the legal notices like the Terms and Services, Privacy Notice and more information about our system and usage of cookies.

Terms of Service

Registration and Payment

  • reserves the right to refuse admission based on previous behavior at conventions or parties.
  • To become an attendee of the party you have to register yourself with the online registration tool available on our website.
  • After registration your entry will be manually screened and approved or denied. Payment information will follow later on via email.
  • Attendees need to be at least 18 years old on the day of the party. We check your ID or Passport so you need to present it at check-in time.
  • If you want to transfer your ticket, both persons are required to send an email to [email protected] and express their desire to transfer the ticket. It is only valid after receiving the confirmation from our registration team.


  • Communication with our registration system is secured by SSL data encryption and the website is HSTS preloaded.
  • We obey the German data protection laws and GDPR so your data will be treated confidentially.
  • We do not share any data with third parties, unless required by law.
  • You agree to receive emails from us regarding your registration and important information about the party itself. We will never send any emails that are unrelated to our party.
  • is a public event and you acknowledge that you are required to wear a badge with your nickname and country.
  • You agree to be included on the public attendee list if you do not opt-out of the list during registration or in your user area.

While we are doing everything we can to let you enjoy safely our party, we can not be responsible for any consequences. If being associated with being a furry in the public is harming you, please reconsider going to the party.

Cookie Usage

The website is using a total of 3 cookies. These cookies are mandatory for the usage of the website. Below you will find the specific cookies we use and the reason why we are using them.


This cookie is used to make sure that our php scripts keep on working. Think about the registration and login pages that use PHP to post or request info from our database. Also the attendee list and countdown use PHP to make sure they give the right information.


This cookie is used to save that you pressed the Accept cookie button. Otherwise it would ask every time you open the website to accept the cookies. There is no reject button because all the cookies we use are mandatory to have a functional website.


The __cfduid cookie is used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. For example, if a visitor is in a coffee shop where there may be several infected machines, but the specific visitor's machine is trusted (for example, because they completed a challenge within your Challenge Passage period), the cookie allows Cloudflare to identify that client and not challenge them again. It does not correspond to any user ID in your web application, and does not store any personally identifiable information.

External cookies

To reduce spam and make sure the registration system is not abused by bots we also make use of Google's ReCAPTCHA service. Therefore Google is adding cookies to your device to check if you are human or a bot.

Google is collecting data from your internet connection, current cookies, browser information and more. For more information about what Google is collecting and using for ReCAPTCHA see the Privacy Policy of Google.

Privacy Policy

Last updated: January 3, 2019

We believe that being as transparent as possible about collecting and processing is the most important thing in maintaining a good relationship with our attendees and users. Because of this we hope you feel safe to use our website and services.

That is the basic purpose of this privacy policy.

1. Basic information you share with us

To make sure we can do our job, we require some information from you, the user. The information is used to make sure that we can deliver the services to you. For example the right badge, making sure the right people are at the party and we can share the list of attendees with emergency departments in case of an emergency.

1.1 Public information

Some information or details you give to us will be used public. On the website or in physical form. Think about your Nickname, Registration Number, Fursuiter info, Sponsor and Country. The Nickname will be used on the badge and on the website. Your Nickname can also be put on the public available Attendee List. More information about that is found in chapter 1.1.1 or on the page of the attendee list itself.

1.1.1 Attendee List

The Attendee list is a listy where all the Nicknames of the attendees will be displayed for the party. This option is automatically ticked during the registration but can be turned off during registration or later on the user page. You are always welcome to remove yourself from the list, via the user page or by sending an e-mail to us.

1.2 Private information

We also request a few private details to make sure that during the party and registration it is really you. The following information is used only private and not shared to any other instance/company or used outside of our system. We are using the First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Password and Email address only for legal purposes.
The first and last name are used to make sure that during the badge pickup it’s the correct person who is standing in front of us. Therefore we also request you to bring an ID to check.
The Date of Birth is used to make sure you are really the legal age of 18 on the day of the party.
Password is stored hashed so we do not have access to the real password. For more information regarding passwords, check chapter 1.2.1.
Email is used for sending emails regarding the registration and important information about the party only. We do not share your email address or subscribe you to newsletters or useless mail.

1.2.1 Passwords

Passwords are hashed and stored in our database. To insure the safety of your password, it's being hashed using SHA1 (storing uses a different algorithm) and the first 5 characters of that hash are sent to It then returns all leaked passwords starting with those 5 characters which the regsystem compares with your hashed password. If the password you try to use was leaked before, the system will reject the password. We do that to encourage you to use safe passwords. After the registration is submitted we do not share the hashed passwords with any instance.

1.3 Payment information

We do not store your payment information in our database. All the details we receive from the banks and users will stay in the bank system. With the information we see in the bank system we change the payment status in our system. The payment status and amount are stored in our database and are only used within the system itself. For example to send a reminder email or status update.

1.4 Third Parties

We do not share any information you give to us to third parties. We believe that sharing information without consent is against our moral. Therefore we do not use tracking or analytical cookies or codes on our website. We do not know who you are as long as you are not registered and logged in on our website.

1.5 Google ReCAPTCHA

We as are using Google ReCAPTCHA to check and prevent automated servers (“Bots”) from interacting and accessing our website or server. The service is provided by Google. (Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043). This company guarantees that it will follow all EU data protection regulations and therefore we have chosen to use there services.

For this service to work correctly, Google needs some information about the user who is active on the website. This is not information from our database itself. Think about IP-addresses and cookie information.

This service allows Google to determine from which website your request has been sent and from which IP address the reCAPTCHA input box has been used. In addition to your IP address, Google may collect other information necessary to provide and guarantee this service.

If you want more detailed information about the Privacy Policy of Google or the ReCAPTCHA Privacy Policy, you can find so at Google's Privacy Policy.

2 Managing your personal data with us

You are always in control of the data you share with us. It is always possible to review, edit or delete the data. We make it also easy for you to contact us about your personal data and the usage of it.

2.1 Accessing or Rectifying Your Personal Data

The moment you register with us you have access to tools to view and edit your personal information. You can also request via several ways your download in portable form. Please refer to 2.4 - Portability for more information about that subject.

2.2 Deletion

You as a user has always the right to request deletion of your data. The request can be sent in several ways. Via email by sending a request to [email protected], by asking one of the Admins in the Telegram group @summerboat, or sending a Direct Message to our Twitter Account @Summerbo_at.

Keep in mind that upon deletion of your data it is not possible to use our services and attend the party.

2.2.1 Auto Deletion of user Data

There are cases that we are deleting the data of our users without receiving a request from the user itself. This happens 14 days after the date of the party/event itself. After that date it is also not possible to request the data as a portable form. The other case is if the the registration for an event is canceled due to payment or other reasons. All data will be deleted except the registration number. This is to make sure it’s still an unique number for the database.

2.3 Object, Restrict, or Withdraw Consent

Users are always allowed to object, restrict or withdraw consent given to This means that if you do not agree with our Terms or Privacy policy you can let us remove your personal information or for example remove your nickname from the public attendee list.

2.4 Portability

Every user is allowed to request his or hers personal information in a portable form. We will make sure you receive the information as soon as possible on the email you have provided to us. The information will be in a readable format with explanation of all data that we used.

2.4.1 Requesting the data

Your own data can be requested by sending an email to [email protected]. We will reply within 2 working days with all the information we have about you in our system in a readable format.

2.5 Additional Information or Assistance

Have any thoughts or questions about our Privacy Policy? Please let us know by contacting us via one of the following options:

The data controller for your data on is itself. You can contact us via email ([email protected]), via our Twitter account @summerbo_at or via Telegram by sending a message to one of the Admins in the @summerboat group.

If you prefer to write a letter to us, please send your letter to the following address:

Edwin Verstaij
Kastanienallee 25
10435 Berlin

Rules of Conduct

We want to build the best party ever for you. To make sure that everything runs smoothly and fun we have a few rules for everyone. Please make yourself familiar with them. Most are common sense but we still want to be sure you know what to expect.

The rules will be enforced by the Security Staff. Please listen to them at all times and follow their requests. If you have any problem with one of the security members, please let one of the party staff members know.

  • Always treat each other with respect.
  • Always follow the directions by the boat or party staff and security.
  • You are liable for any damage you might cause.
  • We do not accept any kind of harassment, period.

While we are on a boat we are still visible for the other public. Please behave like that and give the best impression.


  • You have to be at least 18 on the day of the party to attend.
  • Only staff and registered attendees are allowed on the boat.
  • Attendees are required to wear their badge and lanyard at all times during the party.
  • Badges need to be shown upon request by staff and while boarding.

Boat Rules

  • It is not allowed to climb over any railings or walk on parts that are off limit for attendees.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own beverages or food to the party.
  • It is not allowed to throw stuff in the water from the boat.
  • It is not allowed to smoke outside of the designated smoke area.
  • It is not allowed to bring any dogs, cats or other pets onboard.
  • Please do not use personal music players while on board. We have music for a reason.

Clothing and Decency

  • Nudity exceeding the equivalent of bathing suits is not allowed on the boat.
  • Due to the possible heat of the outerdeck floor it is not allowed to walk barefoot on the boat.
  • Sexual behavior that goes beyond a mere display of affection is not allowed in public.
  • Display of fetish gear is not permitted in public, even if it is part of a costume.

Alcohol and Drugs

  • It is forbidden to bring or use drugs to the party.
  • If we find you in the possession of or distributing illegal or controlled substances we will notify the local authorities and Eurofurence.
  • Smoking and vaping is only allowed in the designated smoking areas.

Photography and Video

Everyone is welcome to take pictures and capture memories for private use. Selling or using the videos and pictures for profitable companies is not allowed.

  • There will be a professional camera team capturing the party with video and pictures. This is for all the public areas.
  • While boarding it is possible to let us take a picture, if you agree with that it also means your picture will be online on our website to view and download shortly after the party.

Please keep in mind that around our event you also have to comply to the rules and regulations of Estrel and Eurofurence that you can find here: Eurofurence Rules of Conduct.